Meet Tesla
Species Dog 
Breed Boxer/Mix 
Age 6 months 8 days 
Gender Female 
Size Large 
Color White 
Declawed No 
Breed: Boxer Mix
Age/Gender/Size: 4 Months/Spayed Female/24 Lbs. (likely large when fully grown)
Likes: Tummy rubs, tug-o-war
Dislikes: Tugboats
Special Considerations: Incontinence due to congenital condition; please call for more information. Sturdy kids 6+ are a fine fit.
Notes: Staff favorite! Great with humans, cats and dogs of all sizes. Knows "sit"!

Hello, friend! My name is Tesla and I am the newest puppy up for adoption. I've been having such a blast romping with the big dogs and making human pals here that I forgot about being adopted. I kinda wish I could stay here forever because between the treats, toys, walks, playing, and belly rubs I've been getting, well, a girl could get used to this kind of luxury! People here say that forever homes are even better than the rescue life, but I am skeptical. I mean, is it really true that they have people in them that want to teach me, train me, play with me, and love me as much as I love them? Is it really true that they have blankets to burrow in and tug toys to tug and sometimes even other dogs in them for me to make friends with? And is it really, really true that it means I don't have to be lonely anymore because I'll have a family to call my own? Seeing is believing, as they say. I guess that means there's really only one way to find out if it's true... and the first step all starts with you!

Please call 206-557-4661 for more information on Tesla!