Meet Julia Roberts
Animal ID 38040886 
Species Dog 
Breed Australian Cattle Dog/Mix 
Age 8 years 6 months 9 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Color Brown/Black 
Declawed No 
Housetrained Unknown 
Intake Date 3/6/2018 
ARN 2581 
In January of 2018, our office was made aware of an abandoned dog frequenting an open field off of NC HWY 119 in Mebane. Good Samaritans living in that area had tried to approach the dog for weeks but she had evaded them at every turn. Our Director and a group of volunteers went out to the site to investigate and found what looked to be a medium sized Cattle Dog mix sitting in that field, day after day, seemingly waiting for someone to return for her. Sporting a faded blue collar with a rusty carabiner and ring tag attached, she would sit stoically in that field and wait...through torrential downpours, dangerous winds and even hail. She refused to leave that field...which is so indicative of a dog that has been dumped and abandoned by people she trusted and loved.

She broke our hearts.

Our group was determined to save her and visited her every day, on rotation through all hours of the day and night, to leave food and water for her and work to earn her trust. After weeks of this routine, she was finally captured and brought to safety the first week of March. She was rushed to the vet clinic for an exam and, for the very fist time in months, she seemed to be relieved not to have to fend for herself any longer. She was found to be intact and without a microchip so naming her was the next order of business. The veterinary staff that tended to her jokingly referred to her as "Julia Roberts", named so after the actress with similar deep brown eyes who starred in the movie the "Runaway Bride". We found that suggestion to be hilarious and quite appropriate for a girl who had given us quite the run for so long! And so her name came to be!

Since her rescue, Julia has learned to love long, SLOW walks and quiet car rides. She has learned the benefits of sleeping on a comfy and cozy dog bed rather than the cold hard ground. She has learned the consistency of proper meals rather than having to scavenge for her food. She has learned that most people are kind and and won't leave you behind. She's been spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. She's in pretty good health for her estimated 8 years though she does have hips that like to ache a bit now and then. She doesn't particularly care for other pets in the home; her laid back energy is quite enough for her. She's loving but much prefers to lay at your feet rather than in your lap. She is incredibly sweet and has done beautifully with children of all ages that respect her space. When it comes to human adults though, she appears to be much more comfortable with those of the female persuasion.

Her eyes tell of a life story that, up until her rescue, hasn't been an easy one. We are so grateful that she has allowed us to change the course of her life for the better.

She needs to find a forever home that will spoil her quietly and as lovingly as she deserves. If you believe you can be her person, please visit our website to complete the Adoption Interest Form on her behalf.