Meet Bruno Edgar
Species Dog 
Breed Bulldog, English 
Age 11 years 4 months 10 days 
Gender Male 
Location Final Refuge 
Intake Date 2/25/2018 
Bruno Edgar is an English Bulldog in the BHNW Final Refuge Program. Bruno developed recurrent vomiting and weight loss while in the foster program, which was subsequently identified to be caused by a large tumor blocking his gastrointestinal tract. He underwent emergent surgery in June 2018 to remove the mass and was given a 3 to 11 month prognosis. Bruno has recovered from the malnutrition and GI problems secondary to his cancer diagnosis, and we are happy to say that Bruno is still living his happiest and slobber-filled life! During his time in the program, he has also developed occasional idiopathic head tremors, large scleral mass requiring eye surgery, common environmental allergies, and still has occasional vomiting and GI upset. However, with the help of a special diet and prescription medications, Bruno is as comfortable and asymptomatic as possible. He is very tolerant of baths and maintenance -- he willingly presents his paws for water baths, lays on his side for routine ear cleanings and nail trimmings, and even jumps into the shower for his bi-weekly baths!
However, none of these issues have ever stopped Bruno! He is surprisingly athletic for an English Bulldog - jumping 5 feet high in the air, frantically chasing laser pointers for hours on end, going on 5+ mile hikes, and even swimming at the beach! Bruno has started to slow down at his older age of 9 and sleeps for ~20 hours/day on average, but the added sleep has given him the extra bit of energy to finally catch that pesky laser! Today, his favorite activities include sun-bathing on the couch, sleeping on his human's chest, and staring aimlessly out the window while watching planes fly by. He also loves his daily car rides, is happiest when he is close to his human family, and wants to be everywhere they are.
Bruno is usually very quiet and mellow, but can be protective when unknown visitors enter his home without his family around. Additionally, he has grown protective of food around other dogs. While he is great with other humans and dogs at the dog park and in social settings, this means that Bruno does best in a one-dog household.