Meet Cypress
Species Dog 
Breed German Shepherd/Mix 
Age 5 months 15 days 
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Color Red 
Declawed No 
Breed: German Shepherd Mix
Age/Gender/Size: 5 Months/Neutered Male/23 Lbs. (likely medium-large when fully grown)
Likes: Chewing, chewing
Dislikes: Not chewing
Special Considerations: Blind; would benefit from a size-appropriate playful dog in the home. Fenced yard required due to blindness. Lissencephaly; causes occasional seizures. 2x yearly checkups with veterinarian to monitor condition, no medications required at this time.
Notes: Staff favorite! Great with humans and playful, tolerant dogs!

Hello, world! My name is Cypress. Here's the deal. You're a big world. I'm a small pup. And it's hard enough growing up, but try to imagine how much harder it can be when you can't see where you're going! Even being born blind doesn't slow me down a bit - I romp, rumble, and tumble with the best of them. I love to play and chew and tug and wiggle, which is probably why the people here can't get enough of me. Too bad there are dogs who DO get enough of me, even though I love making friends - but I've made a few furry pals here who can keep up with my puppy energy and also help correct me when I'm being a little naughty! I may be short on sight but I'm not lacking in cuteness, curiosity, or cuddles - and we know those things just get better with age. And the good news is it's actually pretty easy raising a blind boy like me (and the humans here have tips on how to help you with that). So you're a little unsure if you're up to the challenge? I'm a little unsure about where I left my Nylabone! But something tells me we'll make a great team and that we can get through this adventure together... and so many, many more!

Please call 206-557-4661 for more information on Cypress!