Meet Rhea
Species Dog 
Breed Argentine Dogo 
Age 2 years 7 months 19 days 
Gender Female 
Size XL 
Color White/Black 
Rhea is an independent and energetic two year old Dogo Argentino with a sweet and playful nature.

She loves meeting and greeting new people, and enjoys spending her time playing games, solving puzzles, hunting for kibbles in the grass and going on new adventures. Her favourite activity is hiking through the woods--she loves the forest, and spending time wading in the lake. Her ideal day includes a long hike, followed by a nap in the sunshine or relaxing under the shade of a tree! Bred for hunting, she sure knows how to follow her nose.

Rhea is crate trained, highly intelligent and knows her basic commands, and other tricks including "paw" and "other paw." She's even learning "spin", and is willing to work for yummy treats.

Currently, Rhea is attending confidence classes and slowly making new friends. Someone dedicated to her ongoing training and positive dog socialization would be ideal-Rhea is working hard to become the best canine citizen she can be!

She would do best in a pet-free and active home with large working breed experience and handlers who can manage her size and strength without issue
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