Meet Lily
Species Dog 
Breed Chihuahua, Short Coat/Mix 
Age 8 years 3 months  
Gender Female 
Size Small 
Color Cream 
Declawed No 
Breed: Chihuahua
Age/Gender/Size: 8 Yrs./Spayed Female/8 Lbs.
Likes: Snuggles, taking the scenic route
Dislikes: Dried out White Out
Special Considerations: Due to shyness and fear, respectful kids 12+ are a good fit. Step-in harness only (does not like overhead kind). Undersocialized with dogs but wants to play with them. Slow approach is the sure way to win her heart and devotion.
Notes: Sweet girl, just takes time for her to get comfortable with you. Would benefit from a respectful doggy friend in the home to boost her confidence!

Hello. My name is Lily, and I am just as delicate and beautiful as my namesake. I have to confess, being shy as I am, it isn't easy for me at the rescue. Everyone here has made me more comfortable with treats and lots of cuddles, but I still get very scared with new people and situations. Sometimes people mistake that for being mean, but I'm not - I'm just trying to seem tough because I'm so small. I haven't had much time with other dogs, so I really need help learning how to be friends with them - though I know I do want to very much! I'm not difficult to figure out. If you take some time with me and treat me gently with snacks and praise, you won't believe how much love I can offer you. When you've won my trust, I show you how much I care with snuggles and soft kisses on your lips. Not all of us dogs are bouncy and silly, and I am proof. But that doesn't mean my tail won't wag when I see your face, and it doesn't mean my heart won't swell when you give me affection. If you can give me a chance, I can give you all of the devotion and tenderness you could ask for, plus more. For a real blossom of a wallflower, pick me - Lily!

Please call 206-557-4661 for more information on Lily!