Meet Piper
Species Dog 
Breed Coonhound, Redbone/Mix 
Age 11 months 3 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Color Red 
Declawed No 
Breed: Redbone Coonhound
Age/Gender/Size: 10 Months/Spayed Female/40 Lbs. (up to 70 lbs. when fully grown)
Likes: Learning new commands, clowning around
Dislikes: Actual clowns around
Special Considerations: Seizure disorder; takes oral medication 2x daily for life. Bloodwork rechecks every 6 months recommended. Flight risk; 6 foot fenced yard ideal, always leash or tether. Would benefit from training, an active lifestyle, and another dog in the home. Respectful, sturdy kids 10+ who love bigger dogs will be big fans of her!
Notes: Staff favorite! Great with dogs, cats, and children. Total lovebug!

Hello, there! Piper, here. I'm up for adoption. Isn't that the best news ever?! As a puppy, I'm as friendly with dogs, cats, and people of all ages as you can imagine most puppies would be. And like most other puppies, you better believe I'm a huge fan of treats and playing with my dog and human pals, too! But in another big way, I'm not like other puppies... I get seizures sometimes. They can be scary to anyone who isn't familiar with them. The better-than-best news is that my medication makes it so I don't get them as often or as severely, and I am a really good girl at taking my medication because I don't want them to happen, either. While it means I have major puppy brain, I can also report that the doctors checked and I have no actual mean bones in my body - just loving ones! The people here call me "Amelia EARheart" (because of my big ears). They also call me "Piper Longstocking" (because of my long legs and red hair and, again, these ears). As for you? You can call me "crazy". You can call me "maybe". Hey, you can even call me "Al". But whatever you call me, just call me yours!

Please call 206-557-4661 for more information on Piper!