Meet Noel
Animal ID 37409187 
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier, American Staffordshire/Boxer 
Age 3 years 10 months 5 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Color Tan/White 
Declawed No 
Housetrained Partially 
No Dogs  
No Cats  
No Small Kids  
Site Loving Heart Animal Shelter 
Location Shelter 
Intake Date 12/16/2017 
Adoption Price $150.00 

Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier, Boxer mix
Housetrained: Partially
Compatibility with other animals: Must be the only pet
Compatibility with children: Best in a home with no children or children visitors
Knows: Sit
Preferred home environment: Securely fenced-in yard (six feet high or taller) required
Intake date/origin: December 2017, found stray
Vetting: Already spayed, microchipped, and UTD on vaccines including rabies
Adoption fee: $150
Location: Shelter facility

Noel is a wonderful dog for the right person. Sweet and silly, she is desperately looking for somebody who will foster or adopt her and provide her with the guidance and direction she has never received. Having lived in the shelter system since December 2017, Noel has developed some habits that we believe could be more easily corrected if she was in a different environment. Even if you are not the person who is able to provide for Noel's needs, please share her information far and wide in hopes that somebody else will step up and give her a chance.

Born in 2016, Noel arrived as an unclaimed stray one week before Christmas in 2017. Noel has blossomed into a sweet, loving, playful, and happy girl, having a knack at making her caregivers smile at her silly antics. She also seems to have a special talent for jumping very high, so she must have a tall, secure fence (six feet high or taller) to ensure she cannot escape if she sees something worth "investigating." Although Noel did not appear to be housetrained when she was in a larger kennel, she does seem to "hold it" better when in a more confined crate. With a consistent schedule and boundaries, she may do well with housetraining when in a home.

Noel's biggest issue is meeting new people. Some people she likes, but others she doesn't like. We don't know if her behavior has changed since living in the stressful shelter environment or if she was never properly socialized as a puppy, but anybody interested in fostering or adopting her will need to meet her several times. Additionally, any household where Noel goes (at least for the time being) should have few or no visitors. As far as other animals are concerned, Noel has shown aggression toward other female dogs. Although she previously had a male dog friend who she loved to play with, she must be the only pet unless otherwise determined.

The longer Noel remains in the shelter environment, the harder we know it will be for her to find a home. Although we can wish all we want that the perfect person will come and adopt Noel, we know that it won't happen unless Noel receives some training. Since she is still so young, we think her bad habits can be managed, if not trained out of her. Her behavior might also improve when out of the shelter environment.

We may not be able to change the world for all dogs; but if we all work together, we can change the world for Noel. And one dog at a time, a difference can be made.

Will you help us help Noel?