Meet Yogi Berra
Species Dog 
Breed Bulldog/Mix 
Age 4 years 4 months 8 days 
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Color White 
Declawed No 
Breed: American Bulldog Mix
Age/Gender/Size: 4 Yrs./Neutered Male/55 Lbs. (currently underweight)
Likes: Belly rubs, any sports with a ball
Dislikes: Any sports without a ball
Special Considerations: Flight risk; fenced yard required, always leash or tether. Best as the only dog in an adults-only house. On Trazadone for anxiety but may not need to continue once in a home. Experienced adopters / fosters ideal. Please call for more information on Yogi Berra's current training plan / needs.
Notes: Great with humans! Knows many commands. Great match for someone active!

Attention Mariners Fans! Here's the pitch: If you're looking for a real hall of famer, look no further than me, Yogi Berra! Between my good looks and playful energy, I'm a real catch, as they say. I am a huge fan of brain games and clicker commands - I've nailed "sit", "touch", "down", and "go to your bed" just in time for Spring Training and I'm expanding my repertoire every day ("Ichiroll over", anyone?). The only thing I love more than belly rubs, playing tug and anything edible is my tennis ball, which goes in my mouth and with me everywhere! There are a lot of things I adore about the rescue, like all the treats and affection I get from the humans here! But I know that a forever home is the best place for the things I really want (more snacks and adventures and sunny afternoon naps) and the things I really need (patience and consistency and continued behavioral training). As a smart dog, I thrive when I have things to keep my mind busy like puzzle toys. As an active boy, I shine when I'm burning this playful, curious energy whether indoors or outside. And while my affection style is more grand slam than seventh-inning stretch, you can expect major - not minor - leagues of laughter and love for years to come. Just imagine us together on outdoor outings, me with my tennis ball and you with your... well, whatever humans bring with them everywhere... we'll knock it outta the park every time! If you give me a chance, I'll always go to bat for you and you'll have an MVP (Majorly Valuable Pooch) to call your own. Sounds like a real home run to me!

Please call 206-557-4661 for more information on Yogi Berra!