Meet Tank
Animal ID 37400500 
Species Dog 
Breed German Shepherd/Collie, Smooth 
Age 2 years 3 months 19 days 
Gender Male 
Declawed No 
Hi, my name is Tank, and rumor has it I'm a VERY good boy. I'm house-trained and I love going for walks, rain or shine, especially when there are fresh puddles to splosh through! I like to show squirrels that I'm the boss, but I'm starting to think they've figured out that I can't climb trees. I'm also an excellent jogger, but occasionally I hit the brakes when a yard smells especially tempting.

Once I trust you, I'll dazzle you with my "shake" skills, with either front paw you prefer. I also know "sit" and "down," and I'm working super hard on "stay," but I get so excited about what a good boy I'm being that it gets hard to concentrate! When my human companions savor a meal, I know not to beg or steal from their plates - I simply lick the air around me to sample all those tasty flavors. (Try it, it works!) I'm a huge fan of belly rubs from family and friends, and I'm also cool lying by myself with my rope toy.

I used to be chill around fellow doggos, but I had a scary experience, so now I am working on being less reactive by building up my supply of positive exchanges. Strange humans also frighten me, so a calm, treat-filled introduction is very important to me. I think new people are less scary when they don't make sudden movements near my head (but I suspect most humans feel that way, too), and when they kneel down to my level to say hi. I would prefer a home without other pets right now.