Meet Shorty
Species Dog 
Breed Chihuahua, Short Coat/Miniature Pinscher 
Age 2 years 4 months 13 days 
Gender Male 
Size Small 
Color Brown/Black 
Declawed No 
Breed: Chihuahua Mix
Age/Gender/Size: 2 Yrs./Neutered Male/12 Lbs.
Likes: "Find It", parallelograms
Dislikes: Parallel parking
Special Considerations: Separation anxiety; can be vocal, on Trazadone to manage. Heart murmur.
Notes: Great with dogs and cats. Kids 8+ are a fine fit for him!

I promise you have never met a dog like me, Shorty. For one thing, there's the sweaters - I love to dress up and always look smart on the arm of my human, from afternoons at the Farmer's Market to red carpet events! But silliness aside, I can't say I've always had it easy. After my owner became homeless and I had nowhere to live, the humans at the rescue here did their best to make me comfortable. The treats and cuddles have helped, but every night I cry myself to sleep wondering why someone won't give me a chance. I miss human closeness very much and every time I get it, I forget about my loneliness and my world is filled with warmth again. I love that closeness so much that it breaks my heart when I am left alone because I just don't understand where you're going and if you're ever coming back. I've loved and lost before and I want someone who can invest their heart 110%, just like I do. I am doing my best to stay brave and strong but it is hard without a forever home that I can trust will always be there for me. I have so many years ahead to offer someone who can give me their all, and in return, I will give my all and so much more.

Please call 206-557-4661 for more information on Shorty.