Meet Elphaba PP w/ Guhlinda
Animal ID 37356990 
Species Rabbit 
Breed Dwarf 
Age 8 months 8 days 
Gender Female 
Size Small 
Color Black 
Declawed No 
Intake Date 12/10/2017 
Meet Elphaba, a six-month-old bunny looking for a forever home! Have you considered sharing your home with a domestic rabbit? Rabbits are intelligent, sensitive, and joyous creatures that love to share their exuberance for life with the humans that they trust and love. Rabbits will greet you at the door after a long day of work, sit in a trusted human's lap, and can easily entertain themselves in an appropriate shelter with enough toys - the best of both dogs and cats! Rabbits are clean and rarely need grooming and can be litter-trained as well. Rabbits are not for everyone, however. These beautiful animals should never be given as gifts and all of the hours of care associated with caring for a rabbit needs to be considered. A rabbit's trust must be earned, and often young people do not have the patience or temperament to safely and humanely handle a rabbit. Do you have a relatively quiet household that would benefit from a happy, loving, and bright creature to share the space? Do you want to learn the love that comes from a peaceful and gentle rabbit? Please come and meet our homeless rabbits at HSHV!

There are times when two animals find comfort and joy in a permanent relationship. These pets may have always been together, might be siblings, or may have become bonded here at the shelter. Whatever the reason might be, we understand that these special friends should always be together. If a pet is a "Perfect Pair" then they must be adopted with their partner. "Perfect Pairs" have special adoption fees which make it easier for families to make a commitment to the pair.