Meet Valentine (In a foster home)
Species Dog 
Breed Retriever, Labrador/Mix 
Age 4 years 1 month 29 days 
Gender Female 
Size Large 
Color Black/White 
Declawed No 
Site Humane Society for Hamilton County 
Once upon a time, there was a little Lab-mix puppy, with a shiny black coat and a freckled bib. She was adorable and had ears that arranged themselves in different positions around her head. We are not sure where little Valentine lived during her first year, but we do know that at some point, she was owned by an ogre who allowed his dog to attack Valentine. She has scars from the dog biting her. If she did something that the ogre didn't like he would put her in her crate and refuse to feed her. He would hit her crate often enough that Valentine became fearful of loud noises. He would leave her in her crate for days at a time. This poor little girl thought her life was worth nothing. She had given up hope.

But then a kind Princess took Valentine away to protect her because she was a damsel in distress! Soon the sweet Princess had to return to Princess University and had to surrender Valentine to the kind village folk at HSHC. Valentine did not know what to think about being moved into so many homes and places. She is now 4-years-old and the HSHC had her spayed. She was very afraid of all the new people, noises, strange dogs and different smells. The people learned that Valentine was nervous about being approached suddenly and that she felt much better about things when they let her come to them. Because Valentine was so frightened, the HSHC folks placed her in a foster home. Men scare her because the ogre was a man. But given enough time and patience, Valentine began to trust her foster dad.

Valentine's foster mom is very kind and has this to say about her: She has gotten very comfortable with my husband and me, and she loves to lounge on the couch with us. Although she enjoys being a couch potato, she also enjoys playing ball in the backyard and going on walks. She LOVES treats! She is housebroken and surprisingly crate trained. If you know her history of abuse, you know why I say surprisingly. Her new owner just needs to be extremely patient with her and to make sure to make introductions to others slowly. Let her move at her own pace. Once she trusts that she is safe, Valentine turns into a different dog. A happy dog! She has gotten along well with her foster siblings.

Valentine just needs reassurance that she is safe and loved and has nothing to fear. She needs a quiet, patient home with adults only. Valentine is waiting for her story to have a happy ending. Perhaps you can give her this and you can both live happily ever after. 3/6/18