Meet Annabell Lee (bonded with Buddy)
Species Dog 
Breed Pomeranian/Mix 
Age 10 years 2 months 2 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Adoption Price $50.00 
These two sweet dogs are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.
Their story is sad. Their owners dumped them (literally) because they had fleas. A Good Samaritan took them to the shelter then SAAP pulled them. Annabelle had been with her family her whole life, 9 years. Buddy has lived with them for many years too.

I've had them since thanksgiving. They are house trained, crate trained, don't chew, rarely bark. Overall great dogs!

Annabelle Lee I say she's "dainty". She's absolutely precious. She sleeps with my husband and I every night. I have 4 kids and she's great with them. She ignores my cats. She's intimidated and scared of my resident dog (Faith) as Faith plays too rough. But Annabelle Lee and Buddy play together very well.

Buddy is a sweet boy! He has something wrong with his right eye and cannot see out of that side. Nothing serious per the vet. He sleeps on his dog bed in my room all night. He tends to ignore my cats but I've had a couple foster cats that he's taken interest in and I think that's mainly because Faith antagonizes the cats then Buddy joins in. He's snapped a few times at the cats if they get near his food or treats. But nothing so serious that I wouldn't think he'd be ok in a home with cats. He's developed resource guarding. He has started a few fights with Faith but they don't last long. Worry some as I hate dog fights. He'll show his teeth at my dog and cats but never to Annabelle Lee. He does ok with my kids but I'm going to suggest he goes to a family with kids 8 years and older. Simply because I want him to be safe as well as small kids. I have a 2 year old and he's never bit him. But my son is young and has tripped over Buddy and Buddy will growl but then he removes himself from the situation.

If these 2 would be the only dogs in the house that would be great. I just worry about them playing with another dog and being intimidated by one. They could very well be ok, I'm just thinking of them. My Faith wants to play with them SO bad but they just play amongst the 2 of them.

They both LOVE walks!! And car rides!! Buddy chills in the car while Annabelle whines.

They are meet and greet only.