Meet Mattie
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier, Staffordshire Bull/Mix 
Age 8 years 15 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Adoption Price $150.00 
Mattie will snuggle with you, make you laugh at her antics, break your heart as she dives for cover with every unexpected noise, and poop on your floor, often. If you choose Mattie, you will get a phenomenal dog, but not a "normal" dog.

In foster care, Mattie lives with other dogs, toddlers, and a cat. She likes them all, but isn't great at reading social ques, so she does need supervision. She's happy to hang out in her crate as needed, but prefers to be wherever her people are.

Mattie has some pretty intense allergies that will likely require specific food, lifelong meds, and regular vet visits to manage flair ups.

The great outdoors terrifies Mattie. She turns into dead weight if you try to take her on a walk. Car rides are usually spent with her squished under a seat or in whatever crevice she can squeeze her body. Going outside to potty is hit or miss. She definitely prefers to do her business indoors, so waterproof, easy to clean floors are recommended.

Mattie is mostly a couch potato with some short bursts of bull-in-a-chinashop playfullness. She loves to chew bones and play with rope toys.

If you think you may be a good fit for Mattie, please apply at We're happy to answer any questions!