Meet Jasmine
Animal ID 36827818 
Species Dog 
Breed Retriever, Labrador/Terrier, American Pit Bull 
Age 1 year 6 months 7 days 
Gender Female 
Size Large 
Color Golden 
Declawed No 
Site Aberdeen Area Humane Society 
Location Small dog room 
Intake Date 12/19/2018 
Adoption Price $184.00 
Hello there, my name is Jasmine but you can call me Jaz for short! I am a 1.5 year old Lab/Pit mix who was originally brought to the AAHS as a puppy. I was adopted out once but returned after 10 months because my owner didn't want me anymore. I am not at the shelter right now and am currently in foster!
I am such a happy girl who LOVES to play with other dogs although I don't understand social cues and personal space with them. I like to play 24/7 and just don't understand that not everyone may like me or want to roughhouse all the time. I know how to sit, lay down, 'come', 'no', play dead (bang), 'kennel', and 'go to bed'. I haven't been around cats very much but the AAHS thinks that I will do well with them if I am introduced correctly. I am not good with young kids as I like to play rough and don't always understand when to quit. I'm potty trained although I have peed in the house when I am upset or stressed. Did I mention that I'm kennel trained? I love toys but also love to shred them, although I will not chew on the carpet/furniture/items that aren't mine. I walk OK on a leash but could use some help not tugging when I'm excited. I did live on a farm and will stick around as long as there aren't neighbors for me to visit or smells for me to chase. I do like to dig holes in the summer as I am an excellent mouser and gopher hunter! I do not like the car so much but do better in bigger vehicles where I don't feel so confined.
I wasn't socialized properly so I do get spooked by new people/sounds pretty easily. I tend to be vocal when I meet new people and will need a slow introduction every time. I am such a smart girl, capable of learning just about anything if you spend time with me. I'm eager to please and will do anything asked of me once I respect you as my trainer. I'm such a fantastic dog who just wants someone that will take the commitment of a dog seriously and who will love me furever!

**I am not physically at the AAHS. If you'd like to meet me or learn more, please call the shelter.**