Meet Duffy
Species Dog 
Breed Shih Tzu/Mix 
Age 12 years 6 months 26 days 
Gender Male 
Size Small 
Color White 
Declawed No 
Breed: Lhasa Apso Mix
Age/Gender/Size: 12 Yrs./Neutered Male/12 Lbs.
Likes: Stinky snacks, sweaters with those elbow pads on them
Dislikes: Sass and whippersnappers
Special Considerations: Mass on neck - results to come; currently requires medical rechecks until treatment plan is determined. Respectful kids 10+ suit him fine.
Notes: Great at kenneling with other dogs! Great with dogs in general!

Puppies?! Blech! Who needs all that training and cleaning up after and more training and time outs and more cleaning up after, and... and... I've been through it once already (I was a pup myself) and let me tell you youngsters out there, being young and cute is for the birds! My name is Duffy, and I've got some life experience you're sure to appreciate when considering your next addition to the pack. First, I mean, c'mon with this face of mine, ya know? Years of learning, playing, living and loving are the only way you get THAT kind of character! With my maturity, this seasoned senior can be counted on to leave your shoes unchewed and your fancy tchochkes intact while you're working all those hours to buy me treats! Oh, wait - you weren't looking for an older fellow with good manners, who shares his kennel very well with his doggy friends, and who cuddles like he has a PhD in the subject? In that case, let me refer you to the nearest looney bin because frankly dear, you'd be crazy not to adopt me - Duffy!

Please call 206-557-4661 for more information on Duffy!