Meet Ursula
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix 
Age 10 years 10 months 1 day 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Color Black 
Declawed Yes 
Site Humane Society for Hamilton County 
Ursula is quiet and demure. This cat, with a lovely coat of black fur, is a 10.5-year-old, 11 pounds, female shorthair cat. She was surrendered to the shelter in July 2017, along with her companion Lucy. The two kitties lived peacefully together for nine years. She is described as very quiet and a little timid. HSHC personnel says she is easy going, good with other cats, and likes to have her head scratched. When I took these photos of Ursula, she was busy lying on her back, cleaning her paws.

Ursula has had all four of her paws declawed, which often results in pain when walking, especially on coarse cat litter. This can lead to litter box issues. We also know that Lucy and Ursula had to use one litter box which can be unappealing to cats. Our solution to her pain is giving her regular doses of Cosequin. Also using fine-grained litter should make it more pleasant for her to use the litterbox. Whenever you have 2 or more cats it is always recommended to have 2 or 3 litter boxes available.
HSHC personnel can provide guidance on dealing with any litter box issues. Ursula is quiet and affectionate. She deserves a home of her own and an owner who will love her. Ursula qualifies for the PAWS program if you are 55 or older. 9/11/17