Meet Elektra
Species Dog 
Breed Retriever, Labrador/Mix 
Age 6 years 8 months 22 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Color Red 
Declawed No 
Special Needs  
No Dogs  
No Cats  
No Small Kids  
Elektra sleeps like a croissant, her little body in the perfect "full-tuck" dive position, a little nocturnal Greg Louganis. She likes to get up as close to you as posible, sandwiching her body up against yours. Sleep is a priority, and she is particularly attached to a couple of her blankets, especially one with characters from Pixar's "Wall-E" all over it. VGB, she says: Very Good Blankie. Elektra believes in the power of a good night's rest and is not an early-bird "let's go take on the day!" gal. She's more of an easy like Sunday morning sort, who believes in sharing the covers and snuggling. She doesn't like getting up, unless she feels like getting up, and you sometimes have to roll her off of you, if you decide (against advice) to get up, even though you know full well sleeping in is a better choice.
Elektra has been blessed with a rockstar foster dad who has opened her world to so many things. He says she loves to run and never seems to tire. She would be a great partner to someone who enjoys being physically active and is looking for an equally enthusiastic exercise buddy.
Elektra is a pretty epic leash-puller, about an 8 out of 10 on the "pull" scale. So, next-level strong, but not "waterskiing" strong. That's something she and her foster are working on. She tells us she can't help if she takes a "let's get the job done" approach to walking and likes to lead the way! She might be a great candidate for a Freedom harness, which would allow her to run and move like the sled-dog she is but give you a little more control over the pulling. Elektra did not get the best start in life. In fact, she got a pretty rough start. Since she's been with us and her foster, we've worked hard to rebuild her self-confidence and help her feel comfortable in the world. She would love to have a human or humans who will be devoted to her and committed to helping her thrive with a strong routine and plenty of love and encouragement. She is strong and brave and loyal. Elektra needs some time to read your heart and to share hers with you. Once you are her person, you will be her person for life and she will trust you with her whole heart. Email if you would like to know more!