Meet Buttons
Animal ID 35022597 
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix 
Age 1 year 4 months 19 days 
Gender Female 
Size Small 
Color Brown/Orange 
Declawed No 
Site Bucks County SPCA Upper Bucks 
Location UB Temp Holding Area 
It's difficult to properly introduce Buttons in a few lines of text. She sure isn't helping as she does her best to distract - head butting for attention, weaving between legs and offering an adorable mew to remind us of her presence. After over a year in our care, mostly in foster, she has won us all over with her unique mix of playful sprite, bold spirit, and sweet companion. Buttons is also a fighter. She came to us as a tiny ball of fluff (cute as a button!) with both of her eyes compromised by a congenital defect. Three surgeries later, both of her eyes have been removed and she doesn't miss them at all! Providing a blind cat a safe and loving home will only require a few special accommodations:
· She will need to be an indoor only cat because she cannot protect herself outside.
· In the beginning, it will help for her to have all of her "stuff" in one room, where she can stay when you aren't around to guide her. This is only temporary! Gradually expand her area so that she has time to map out the environment.
· Be cautious around stairs and heights. She will be able to adjust to them over time, but her family should use caution at first to avoid falls.
· Any physical changes in the home (moving or adding furniture) may be hard for Buttons. Cats in general don't like change, and it will be even more disorienting for her.
· Speaking of change, Buttons knows and responds to her name, so we suggest she keeps it.

This delicate flower has a solid reputation for being a bully and we strongly recommend she be the only cat. Buttons requires a special prescription diet for urinary health, so being the only cat will make feeding go more smoothly.

Buttons is staying with one of her "aunties" in an office at our Quakertown facility. She is ready to start her new life. Ask to meet her today and be prepared to fall in love.