Meet Hallie
Species Dog 
Breed Collie, Smooth/Mix 
Age 15 years 3 months 29 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Adoption Price $50.00 
Forgive me for being a negligent foster mom and allow me to introduce you to HALLIE (knows Stella). ??

This sweet 14.5 yo senior collie mix, about 55 pounds, was returned to SAAP after 6 years through no fault of her own.

What I've learned about Hallie so far:
? Housebroken,
? Enjoys her crate but doesn't need one,
? Loves walks & her person,
?/? Low energy: fantastic if you're looking for a dog to quietly keep you company, but not a good fit if you're looking for a companion to join you on epic adventures
?/? She is said to be good with kids but not cats, however, I have neither.
? She was quite interested & curious when seeing a bunny hop by on our walk, so maybe no small prey in her future home would be best.
?/? May be dog selective. While she was not enthused at all to meet my 8yo male resident dog who is half her size (teeth bared by both on opposite sides of the baby gate), she was happily enamored to meet & follow my neighbor's 7/8yo male dog who is twice her size along the shared fence line.
? I'd recommend no or very minimal steps for Hallie. I have only 2 for her to climb into the house and she will struggle sometimes & is a bit stiff when rising from a nap. Likely a bit of arthritis in her legs.

If Hallie sounds like she may be a good fit to live out her remaining years in the comfort of your home, please consider submitting your adoption application at or replying to your approved app with her name.