Meet Aimee *HW & Graduate*
Animal ID 34698954 
Species Dog 
Breed Beagle 
Age 6 years 7 months 7 days 
Gender Female 
Size Small 
Color Red/White 
Special Needs  
Aimee is a wonderful easy going beagle mix. She is a volunteer favorite and is a real sweetheart ! She appears to be five years old, but may be a little older. She came to us from a rural county shelter in February. She had been found by animal control laying in a field unable to get up and in poor condition, weighing only 9 pounds. She now is at a healthy weight of around 24 pounds. It has taken her a very long time to recover. She is now spayed, has her vaccines, but she is heartworm positive. She cannot go through heartworm treatment as she has a type of anemia that presents itself as lethargy, pale gums, and she loses red blood cells. She will always have this condition, and it can be made worse by heartworm treatment, so she will stay on heartworm prevention, which will slowly kill the heartworms. Her anemia can return, and if so, she must get back on medication. Aimee is good with other dogs, very good around cats, but, she must have a solid 6 foot fence or to be leash walked. She must be crated when you leave the home, as she will chew on things if she is left alone. She does not chew on things if you are in the home with her. She would not do well in an apartment or condo type of home as she does bark when you leave the house. Aimee does need work on housebreaking, she goes outside very well, but does have random accidents in the home. Aimee likes to sleep on a dog bed, and sleeps well through the night with no issues. She does does consistently pee in her crate on her dog blanket. She is currently at prison in training, and hopefully this behavior will change with training. Aimee will need a special person or family who is able to watch her condition for her anemia, and will be able to provide her vet care for treatment if she becomes ill again, as she will have this condition for her lifetime. If you would like to consider opening your heart and home to our sweet girl Aimee after she graduates from prison training, please submit an adoption application online at