Meet Little Prince
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier, Jack Russell/Chihuahua, Short Coat 
Age 6 years 9 months 7 days 
Gender Male 
Size Small 
Color Black 
Declawed No 
Special Needs  
No Dogs  
No Small Kids  
Little Prince is currently the AIR (Anklebiter-in-Residence) of the PAWS Atlanta Cat Cottage. He is a ridiculous funny, feisty, opinionated 6-year-old shortstack, who knows what he wants and what he doesn't want, and what he doesn't want is you, Sweaty Volunteer Lady, trying to saunter your way through HIS KITCHEN without paying the gatekeeper a little respect in the form of a handful of those Milkbones in that box over there by the door. Nothing is for free, Tight Sweatpants! PAY THE MAYOR, Sweaty-Sweaty!
We would love to tell you Little Prince is a placid, docile little man with a heart of gold. Which, of course, he is, if your pockets are lined with cheese and you possess a Job-like patience. Otherwise, you're gonna have to take things slow, and let Napoleon Bossypants have his due. RESPECT! Little Prince is a tad "solid," and that is something we're hoping you can help him work on with some nice daily walks and maybe some playtime, as long as he gets to pick the game. Little Prince is 100% confident and his own man. He would love to have a kid-free home where he can relax and be his boss-hawg self. If you love small dogs with super-sized personalities, Little Prince is your man.