Meet Stitch
Species Dog 
Breed Bulldog, French 
Age 9 years 1 month 7 days 
Gender Male 
Location Final Refuge 
Intake Date 10/18/2016 
Stitch has been in BHNW care since 2016. He has some of the most severe allergies ever experienced by a dog in our care. Every possible avenue of treatment has been explored for Stitch. His foster mom works extremely hard at keeping his symptoms at bay, but Stitch's body is just determined to be allergic to literally everything and there's always another flair around the corner. In addition to his allergies, Stitch suffers from IVDD, which is a medical condition with the spine. He is extremely prone to spinal injuries. His first episode in 2017 left him paralyzed and incontinent. He was not a candidate for surgery, but thankfully, through extended crate rest, he was able to regain much of the use of his back legs. Stitch wears a belly band to help manage his incontinence. He is at a very high risk for future spinal injuries.
Despite all of these issues, Stitch is a very loving guy! He loves car rides and he's very social. He can be seen (and heard) at many of our events throughout the year!