Meet Tyson
Animal ID 33732978 
Species Dog 
Breed Shepherd/Mix 
Age 5 years 6 days 
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Color Tan/White 
Declawed No 
Housetrained Unknown 
No Dogs  
No Cats  
No Small Kids  
Location Kennel 62 
Intake Date 7/22/2017 
It took a while for Tyson to receive his behavior assessment because of how he was acting in his kennel when he first got here. Today we were able to do a full assessment on him and also process him, giving him his vaccines. Tyson is pretty much a shepherd through and through, and he needs someone who has experience with shepherds/guarding breeds. When we first approached Tyson in the pen he was up at the front and leaning against the bars, when we opened the door he became unsure and coward backing up. We slipped leashed him and walked him out and he became less scared. Once we got him into the multi purpose his personality started to show. He was curious about the things and was openly seeking attention from us. Once we got out some toys in was an entirely new ball game... Tyson was running, playing and keeping himself entertained. When it came to correction, he was confused by it, but did not act scared or aggressive, it was like he had never been corrected. But he has been worked with in obedience, he knows sit, shake, and other paw. With handling he seemed to want the attention and sought it out, but then he became unsure if he actually wanted it and would walk away. He was really indefinite to it. We also learned that like most shepherd he is a true guarder, from food to people. He did not become aggressive with his food in the sense of growling or snapping, but he did eat faster, and body blocked it, to keep it away from us. Part of that could be from the the fact that he was very thin and fighting to get food when he came in, but part of it is because he is a natural guardian. When it came to a stranger coming into the room he gave a warning bark and growl to keep away. But once he was properly introduced to the stranger he was fine and wanted her attentions. We do feel that since his guarding is so high, and he had to fight for everything before, that he needs to be placed as an only pet. During his dog test he did growl at the other dog, but only when it got close to the fence and he could be redirected and his attention brought back to the handler, he was still concerned about the other dog coming into his area and near his person. In the right home with someone experienced with the shepherd breed he could really be a nice dog and his personality will really develop. I strongly recommend retesting in a few weeks after he has been worked with and see if he is making improvements.