Species Dog 
Breed Retriever, Labrador/Mix 
Age 5 years 6 months 25 days 
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Color Black 
Declawed No 
Brisket, 5, is our self-appointed social director/mayor/BFF. If cruises were still a thing (fingers crossed they will be again), Brisket would be the first to hand you one of those hourglass-shaped hurricane glasses full of rum punch with a slice of pineapple hanging onto the rim for dear life, and he'd be the first to welcome you aboard the USS Paws Atlanta. This guy was BORN to socialize. Brisket is all about YOU. He in unabashedly friendly and 100% interested in how very marvelous you are, human. Brisket was adopted from PAWS about 4 years ago and recently, disappointingly ended up on his own at a local animal control, let down by his people. We couldn't have that. No way, not this good boy. So, Brisket is back with us and he's back to feeling like his joyful, exuberant self. He looks like a big boy in his photos, but he's really only about 40lbs or so and is in very good shape. With proper slow introductions he has played nicely with another dog in one of our play yards. Cats are still unknown. He is playful and mildly energetic, which means he's all-in for hiking and having fun but also appreciates a good rainy day snooze on the couch. We'd love to see him land with someone who is also outgoing and adventurous. He'd love to be the co-pirate on your adventures, and we think he deserves to be with someone who would love and appreciate such an excellent good boy.