Meet Fiona
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix 
Age 8 years 10 months 4 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Adoption Price $75.00 
I bet you're thinking she was named after the hippo, but cat Fiona has been here 2 years longer than hippo Fiona! If you're looking for a low key kitty, Fiona is for you! Her story is a bit sad. She was adopted from SAAP when she was 1 and thought she had her forever home. For 7 years she did. Then Fiona lost her cat friend, her humans had a baby who was allergic to her, and at 8 years old, Fiona is back with SAAP. We know the purrfect forever home is out there for her! A few things about Fiona:
Gets along with other cats as long as they are low key
Dogs unknown, but I would imagine if they respect her space and aren't high energy, she will be fine
She has a bit of a sensitive stomach and needs to have wet food (only fish). She can have dry in addition to wet, but if she eats too much dry or too fast, you'll see it again. But giving her wet food is key!
Fiona thinks she is a museum display. You can look, but don't touch (ha!). She will lay in the same room with me (and is especially attentive when I'm eating) but if I get too close, her alarm goes off and she runs.
Her litter habits are great and she's very neat and tidy
I know most everyone wants a kitty that will snuggle with them (or at least be petted), but I'm not sure Fiona will ever be that. If you want another heart in your home, but respects your space, Fiona is your girl. If your kitty needs a friend, Fiona is it! Give Fiona a chance!