Meet Remington III
Species Dog 
Breed Beagle/Mix 
Age 12 years 7 months 30 days 
Gender Male 
Size Medium 
Adoption Price $50.00 
Just a good ol' boy
Never meanin' no harm
Can't help it if the trash
Smells like a meal in first class
He just needs him a bone

Remy is estimated at 12 yrs old. He's house broke and crate trained.

Remy needs nothing more than a cozy bed with a blanket, something to chew on (he's a stuffy killer), two good meals a day (he loves being spoiled by getting a little of his foster sisters wet food on top of his dry), a full water bowl, and a yard he can go out in to bark at rabbits and squirrels (he'll catch moles and voles for you!).
He doesn't like his nails clipped, he doesn't like a bath, and he doesn't like being brushed; you just gotta do it. He'll shiver and and act pathetic, but it's not really a fight.
He will follow you EVERYWHERE! Because he loves you, and you might drop something he could eat. Lol
He loves going in the car and taking walks. Be prepared to stop and sniff EVERYTHING, or pee on it.
Don't let him get loose, cause he's on a mission and doesn't plan on getting caught!
And I put him in a crate at bedtime and when we're not at home because he'll get into things; like the trash can.
But he's just the sweetest guy ever. Good with other dogs (be careful, he's the type to get bullied), cat's with proper intros, and kids.
He's not the most confident dog, but I think part of that is because of all the dogs he's currently living with.
He'd be great for empty nesters, seniors, or a family that needs a calm couch potato, I mean dog! But if you have kids that have toys laying around, you'll want to be sure he can't get to them.