Meet Cowboy
Species Dog 
Breed Bulldog, American/Plott Hound 
Age 6 years 6 months 25 days 
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Color Brown 
Declawed No 
Site Humane Society for Hamilton County 
Adoption Price $55.00 

If I look a little down in the mouth it is because I just found out that I am NOT a cowboy. I am not even a boy. I am a dog. What cruel twist of fate led me to believe I had a future riding the range and gittin' all those lil dogies along? I just learned that I am a 73 pound American Bulldog-Plott hound mix: 6-years-old, neutered, housebroken and strong. There is not horse, chuck wagon or saddle in my future. To make matters worse, the first time I was at the HSHC, I had to wear this gol-durned cone around my neck because I was chewing on my tail because I was nervous here in the kennel. I had my tail docked so that I can't chomp on it anymore. But hey, it was a relief to get this contraption off my head! I got adopted 2 years ago, but that person put me on Craig's List! So I have been with a different family who really loves me. But the daughter is allergic to me so I'm back at the old HSHC twiddlin' my paws waitin' for a new family.

I'm trying to rethink my goals. I think I would like to become a member of a family. I really love hanging with human beings and I think I would make a great companion for someone who likes big dogs! After all I am friendly and sociable and I've never met a stranger. I've been told I have the sweetest face and eyes!

Now as to manners and such, I can't say I've had any fancy book learnin' about dainty eating or lettin' go of toys I've taken a shine to. And I know I could yank a little lady around on the other end of my leash! So my new owner will need to be pretty strong and know how to wrangle an old cowpoke like myself. I think kids around 14 and up should be able to handle me on a leash. But younger kids would be too pint-sized to play with me! According to my latest family I was great with everyone in the home, even children. I got along with some small dogs and I found that a litter of puppies I met, just tickled me pink! Now I admit that I view cats as varmints, so no cats in my new home.

All you fellow lovers of the old home on the range, Clint Eastwood westerns, John Wayne westerns, or even Blazing Saddles, why don't you mosey on down and take a gander at me. Just ask for Cowboy. You must be 21 to adopt me.