Meet Zeus
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mix 
Age 8 years 7 months 2 days 
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Adoption Price $50.00 
Meet Zeus! An 8 year young American terrier mix. He is a blue eyed stunning boy. He is professionally trained. Knows sit, stay, heel, down and so much more. He loves to sleep under the covers with you and will use his big head to flip the covers up so he can climb in. He currently lives with 4 other dogs and 2 cats and loves them all. Swimming is his passion, like the Progressive commercial. He will swim all day if you allow it. But he will also wait for your command to jump in. He takes treats gently, great on a lead and just an overall great pup who thinks he's a lap dog .

That being said, he has some quirks and has sabotaged numerous meet n greets and has been returned 2 times since he's been with me the past 10 months.
1. Zeus has anxiety in new situations.
2. He introduces poorly to new dogs🤞🏼except my 4 dogs and my kids 4 dogs. At meet n greets with dogs, he is too stressed
3. He is leash aggressive to dogs unless you know how to walk him...which I will help with.

I know the bio sounds scary, but we love this dog. He is a wonderful boy with a few quirks, but over his 8 years he has been abandoned and discarded many times. Our entire pack hikes off leash and he has beautiful recall.

I am suggesting a home with no other dogs, cats are great, until he becomes comfortable with the surroundings. Then another dog can be introduced.

If you think you may be a good fit, follow his journey at
# saapzeusrocks!